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Glitter & Gold

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As a tablescaper and avid thriftier I’ve collected lots of tableware, décor and linens. Storage space is now at a premium and even when the price is right I have to really think about my purchases. With space and finances in mind I’ve become quite fond of DIY projects and repurposing. For instance, these sparkly gold vases. The larger one is a wine bottle, and the smaller ones are vases from flowers long ago faded. I also breathed new life into votive holders. Once the candles have burned down I scrape out or melt the remnants in the microwave and the holder is good as new.

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For the bottle and vases I coated the outsides with Modge Podge and applied gold glitter. It took two coats to get the coverage that I wanted. A final coat of Modge Podge seals in the glitter. I added satin ribbon and a button to all three for a little adornment.

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The votive holders also received several coats of Modge Podge but on the inside this time. I used LED lights on the inside for illumination.

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Repurposing is a great way to make use of what you already have and this idea can be applied to lots of things. Have you ever received a gift card from a store that you weren’t particularly fond of and didn’t know what to do with it? Trust me, you’re not alone. Well, I’ve discovered a way to repurpose those and buy discount gift cards through That way you can get all the supplies you need for all the projects you have in mind for the new year.

The Raise marketplace carries discounted gift cards to popular brands like Target, Home Depot, and Macy’s. You can also find other cards by searching by brand, or even the amount you want to spend. To top it off offers free shipping.

Another unique feature Raise offers is the option to sell your gift cards at a price that you choose. Too bad they don’t do the same thing for those ugly sweaters and ties!
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8 thoughts on “Glitter & Gold

  1. Alycia Nichols

    Whoa!!! What a cool idea! Those look fantastic! I am intrigued that you put a coat of the Modge Podge over the glitter, too. That makes perfectly good sense…which is why I’m sure I never would have thought of it.☺️ Great way to repurpose items you already have!

    That’s a great idea on the greeting cards. I have some that are nice but could be a whole lot nicer with the addition of some glitter and other embellishments. Of course, I live in the hometown of Hallmark, so…….!!


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