Accent on Aubergine

This post has been in the making for a long time. It started with the black and white dishes that I bought from Meijer’s, the wonderful store that I buy groceries at each week. When the dishes first appeared in the store in August 2012, I knew if I were patient they would be on clearance. Well let me tell you it took forever! I bought the dinner plates in March of this year and the salad plates in April. The total cost for four dinner plates and four salad plates was less than $20.00. I will never proclaim to be impatient again.

aubergine 13

After buying the dishes I wrestled with what color accessories/accents to use with them. With black and white anything is possible, and would work, if used with restraint. Let me add that damask is one of my favorite patterns and I’m surprised that I haven’t used it more. In a stroke of luck, synchronicity, or fate I found these placemats at Burlington in the spring $4.98 for four. This table was starting to come together.

aubergine 2
OK, back to the colors. Pink, teal, gold, green, orange; all of these crossed my mind and it’s likely that I may use them in the future.

Most of my glasses are stored in the china cabinet in the dining room and I see them all of the time. Consequently they are the ones I use most often. Last October while visiting our son and his wife in Indiana I went shopping at Ross. That was a real treat because we don’t have one here. The aubergine goblets were only $6.99 for a set of four and buying them was a no brainer. They also sat for months before I used them.

aubergine 19

At long last it was time. I started with a white tablecloth with swirl design that complements the damask pattern in the dishes. The sheer eggplant table runner over the white cloth adds shimmer without being overwhelming. I layered the eggplant napkins with white ones and brought them together with the mauve-ish napkin rings that I made.

aubergine 5

aubergine 11

The shape of the smaller goblet with its distinct edges was the best match for the colored goblets. Using the swirled handles flatware was a given. I think I’d decided upon them as soon as I bought the dishes.

aubergine 4

aubergine 3

You probably noticed that the centerpiece is the same on from my last table. A quick change of flowers and the addition of the tall silver and black damask votive holders give my table a touch of class and elegance.

aubergine 17

This table isn’t summery, or a transition between the seasons. It’s one I’ve wanted to do for a long time and to me its season less. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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26 thoughts on “Accent on Aubergine

  1. RosieM.

    Oh, this table is absolutely gorgeous! I enjoyed your thought process as you put it together, and am really impressed by the way everything turned out. LOVE those black and white dishes: what a find! Your color choices, flatware, linens, centerpiece: oh, EVERYTHING makes the table warm, welcoming and stunning. Bravo!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

    1. Sandra Post author

      I’m sure I spend way too much time online gathering ideas for color palettes. It helps to see them together before I get started.

  2. Jenna

    I am a fool for anything black and white and I can’t believe you got these great dishes at your grocery!! I am crazy about the flatware too. You are going to have A LOT of fun with this dinnerware, it looks fabulous with your aubergine!

  3. Alycia Nichols

    That is the patience of Job x infinity!!! I have waited things out before, but that really took a lot of sticktoitiveness on your part! Dang, girl….I applaud your resolve!!! I will usually wait ’em out, but sometimes I get nervous and just go ahead and get them when they’re only like 50% off….only to see the stuff at 80% 2 or 3 weeks later! 🙁

    I love how the design of the flatware mimics the design in the dishes. Very pretty!

    I also love how you were able to find another tablescape to create around an existing centerpiece. Not everyone can do that. Sometimes folks get very stuck in a single look…period. It’s great that you were able to envision another go-round for it!

  4. Elaine Cariglio

    Great table! You have swirled me! Not sure if that’s good or bad. Love the dishes! I would have bought them too. WOW! Just any color would go with theses. Use them often my friend! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your table!
    Blessings My Friend,

    1. Sandra Post author

      Trust me it’s a good thing! Thank you so much for popping in and I’m looking forward to using my swirly dishes again with a different accent color.

  5. Wanda at

    The dishes are wonderful, congratulations on your patience, waiting for a great price. Black and white is so versatile, which can lead to some indecision. I love the final results. The flatware swirl is a stunning surprise, next to the plate stack. My black and white dishes are calling me now, after your inspiration! Have a Great Weekend!

  6. Christine

    Beautiful table! I am loving the black and white with purple touches….and I’d have snapped up those goblets if I had seem them too….they’re stunning!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Thanks Christine! I seen a set in teal recently at TJ Maxx and it took all I had to walk away from them. Now I’m sorry that I did.

  7. susie

    Wow this table is classy elegant love the deep purple with the black and white you made them match perfectly this is so pretty well done.Susie


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