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Poppies on My Table

The thought of summer coming to a close is a huge let down so I try to not go there. However, we are inundated with hints and sometimes in your face advertising and merchandise that lets us know fall is upon us. Why does it seem that winter drags on forever and the warm sunny days fly by in a flash?

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There are so many tablescapes that I wanted to do for summer and most of them probably won’t materialize this year. Yes I could have spent less time on the deck admiring our landscaping. Or walked less through the neighborhood feeling at one with nature and the creator. That would have given me more time to tablescape. Sounds rather silly when looking at it that way.

Digging through my hoarders bin for the perfect shade of blue, pales in comparison to watching Timmy the squirrel swinging from the birdfeeder. Saying good morning to the people in my subdivision brought way more joy than lining up the flatware on my table and making sure the tapers stood straight. My intention was to enjoy the season to the fullest and to get my priorities straight while expressing my gratitude for being a witness to all that nature has to offer.

poppies on my table

I’m sure that when the cold winds blow and the snow falls there will be days when I’m watching the moonlight glisten off the snow as opposed to putting together a seasonably appropriate centerpiece. I’m making room in my life for the simplest of pleasures. One day that may be watching the leaves fall another could be ironing the tablecloths for my holiday tables. So before summer drifts into fall I decided to add some poppies to my table.

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Initially I wanted to use this flowery tablecloth at the end of spring, but here it is in all of its colorful glory. Working with a full multicolored cloth is not something I’ve done often and I wanted each color to have its moment in the sun but not be overwhelming.
I started by overlapped two placemats to accommodate all of the flatware. The orange plates and bowls are very vibrant so I added white napkins to add a bit of neutrality. The brown handles of the flatware complement the burnished tone of the candelabra and pillar holders.

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From the onset I knew that the amber hobnail goblets would grace this table. However, I was torn between clear dimpled goblets and the green ones. My choice is obvious. I like the way the green stemware picks up on the green in the tablecloth.

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Now about the flowers at the base of the candelabra. I have a habit of taking apart bouquets and stripping stems to use in groupings. So when searching for flowers with an orange hue this was all I had. With the placement of the white tapers and pillars this table was done. I’m going to hold on to summer for as long as I can. Do you have any end of the summer plans in the works?

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26 thoughts on “Poppies on My Table

  1. Alycia Nichols

    Cool, cool, cool!!!! I love that tablecloth! I’m a poppy fan from way back. Wish I could successfully grow them. They make such pretty ornamentation for the yard or the table.

    The mix of colors is wonderful! Just the right measure of each. The placemat arrangement and napkin placement are great, too, and add a lot of character to the table.

    Deconstructing silk bouquets is something that I think should be done almost routinely. Rarely are the ready-made bouquets all that they should be.

    I’m not even thinking about fall yet. It’s nowhere on my radar. It’s still hot as a skillet here with no signs of relief anytime soon. I still have a LOT of summer life left in me because like you said, the warm days just fly by so fast. School started back up this morning for several local school districts, and I’m sure the kids are NOT happy about it with the weather still being so nice and the pools still open!

    Wonderful and creative tablescape!!! Have a happy day!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Thank you kindly ma’am! Depite retailers attempts for us to carve pumpkins and hang mistletoe I still have lots of summer in me as well. Fingers crossed for lots more warm/hot weather!

  2. Kathryn Griffith

    Such a beautiful table! The amber hobnail glasses are perfect for the place setting. What a great idea to use two round placemats – I never thought of it before. Great way to add additional color (or to accent the place setting/tablecloth.) And it seems that both you and Christine have great and warm squirrel “issues” this week. Isn’t nature wonderful!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Oh my gosh those squirrels are a handful! Since I discovered the tip on Youtube about using two placemats I snatch up round ones when I see them on clearance. Scored some turquoise ones last week at the store I get groceries at for .69. That’s what I call a bargain! Thanks so much for coming by!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Layering placemats is a trick I learned from Designer Rebecca Robeson. She has a ton of videos on Youtube. They are about interior design but occasionally she throws in a tablescape. Thanks for always leaving kind comments.

  3. Liz

    We actually had a chilly morning! I need more summer! Your table is lovely…I love the pops of the orangey red! I tried growing poppies once, but my black thumb prevailed. The next best thing is to have a beautiful poppy centered tablescape 🙂

    1. Sandra Post author

      Once again our weather has been on the chilly side with lots of rain. We are expecting a heat trend for the next couple of days. Growing poppies is so far off my radar right now. I’m still trying to master mint and basil!!!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Thanks Evelyn! It was a very long time before I associated the word tablescape with setting a beautiful table. There are so many talented women and men that have taken this art to another level and I love to be inspired by them.

    1. Sandra Post author

      Bless your heart Bev you’re doing good. I had rotator surgery some years back and the rehab was long, tedious and painful. Take care and thanks so much for popping in.

  4. Maria

    I think you have your priorities absolutely correct! Your tablecloth is gorgeous, and you’ve found the perfect plates to match it! We still have a lot do summer left in our area, so I’m not ready to embrace autumn just yet.

    1. Sandra Post author

      Thanks a bunch Christine! Last week my granddaughter was sitting at the table, no big deal. Then she picked up the green goblet and I panicked for a minute. Had to remind myself that it’s only a glass and it was less than $2.00.

  5. Candy S

    One would think a table in bright colors on a patterned tablecloth would look busy. But this table almost looks simple in it’s elegance. I love the poppy tablecloth. Perhaps it is the oriental flair of the table cloth that contributes the elegant beauty to this setting. Or maybe the richness of the flatware and the hobnail wine glasses. Or maybe it is the way everything comes together to complement each other. Simply lovely.

  6. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    My kids’ school started yesterday…(now I have a little more time) but it’s so sad to see summer and warmer weather goes away. It’s already cold in the morning too. Usually it’s hard to work with pattern (or it’s just me). You have a pattern on the table cloth and you matched PERFECTLY with everything else!!

    1. Sandra Post author

      My classes start next week and I’m happy and sad at the same time. I love teaching but have enjoyed having the summer off. When I started tablescaping I stayed away from too many patterns. Now I love working with them and I’m happy you liked this one.


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