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Yard Core

We are really enjoying our yard this summer. In late spring we began our back yard re-do and it surely is a work in progress. For sure it won’t be completed this year but it is showing lots of potential. Our soon to be son-in-law and his crew did the tilling, brought in topsoil and put in the mulch. Then it was our turn. The first part of May was spent making many trips to several nurseries and home improvement stores checking out shrubs and trees. Prior to that we also watched lots of landscaping videos on YouTube. It’s the hubby’s #1 resource for just about everything.

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One of the biggest projects we completed was the sidewalk that leads from the backdoor to the deck. When I say we I mean the Mr and I. Yep all by ourselves and we’ve have the aches and pains to prove it! After this, planting was a piece of cake, almost.

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We had really hoped to have a garden this year but that’s not going to happen. There is a huge tomato plant on the deck as well as lavender and chocolate mint. If anyone has any mint and lavender growing tips please share them with me. I think I’m all YouTube’d out right about now. With all the colorful plants on the deck sitting outside is so nice even though we’ve had some real scorchers. Our daughters dorm room fridge helps out big time!

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The plan is to make one more buying trip to get plants for the front of the deck and we’ll be done for the year.

I also wanted to share with you one of my other chillaxin areas, the front porch. When I come in from my morning walk this is the first place I head to. However, around 7pm this is the most peaceful place on the planet.


This is a huge departure from my usual tablescapes posts and I thank you for checking out my corner of the world.


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16 thoughts on “Yard Core

  1. Nellie

    Lovely yard, they are a lot of work, but work it all……………so nice to be able to sit out and enjoy it.
    Glad you are really enjoying it……….and that bench looks like a great place to rest and take it all in.
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Sandra Post author

      Hi Nellie thank you so much for visiting. Even though it was hard work we loved doing it. Being a homeowner it just comes with the territory. One day I’ll repaint the bench, but for now it’s just fine. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Liz

    Your yard is shaping up nicely!! Such beautiful additions! We’ve had perfect growing weather…usually my landscaping is looking parched by this time of year!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Thanks Liz. So far we’ve had the perfect mixture of sun and rain to keep everything nourished and growing. Fingers crossed for the rest of the summer.

  3. Alycia Nichols

    That just blows me away in a hundred different ways that you guys did that sidewalk by yourselves!!! I couldn’t make a Jell-o mold without having a complete meltdown, let alone the molds for a whole sidewalk!!!! It looks great, and I’m sure it will come in very handy in the coming years, especially when the ground is wet.

    The mulch is looking really good! We made the mistake of going with chocolate brown mulch this year instead of the usual red. NOT liking it at all. Should have stuck with the tried and true. Yours looks wonderful and plentiful! Hooray for your son-in-law-to-be scorin’ brownie points! 😉

    Is the lighting along the sidewalk and out there in the mulch hard-wired or solar? I’d like to get some lighting put in around the yard in strategic areas. We really don’t have the dough right now to have it hard-wired in, but we need something. I like to illuminate the big trees with uplighting, plus I’d like to have some lighting along the front sidewalk.

    You guys are rockin’ it! Congratulations on the big changes, and good luck as you carry on!

    1. Sandra Post author

      The lights are solar and the one of the best buys we made. They cast a star pattern on the sidewalk, very pretty. Now if we could just get rid of the mosquitos! Son-in-law has a landscaping business so we figured if we were going to pay someone we’d pay him. That sidewalk was no joke I tell you!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Thanks Chris! I’ll do just about anything in the yard except mow the lawn. Hubby is great at making sure the grass stays green and gets a nice haircut.

  4. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    You started early enough that you get to enjoy the beautiful yard this summer! I remember we worked so hard planting flowers over 3 weekends and one night deer ate all of our flowers. 😀 Since then we only have cactus and some bushes and fake lawn. :/ Love your beautiful yard!

    1. Sandra Post author

      I was worried that the rabbits would nibble away at the plants but they are not interested, woo-hoo!! Maintaining a yard takes lots of work and patience but the reward is awesome!

  5. Ramona

    Sandra your yard is lovely! My yard, deck and porch totally need TLC! We’re actually getting some structural stuff fixed on the porch and house fixed this summer… next summer I want to have a yard like you have!!

    1. Sandra Post author

      That was such a nice thing to say Ramona, thank you. Hopefully next year we can take it to the next level. We may need that long to recoup!!!


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