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July 4th in the Kitchen

If this table was any more casual and relaxed we’d be lying across it rather than sitting in the chairs. It’s not often that I set up a table in the kitchen unless it’s for a buffet. However, I’m still enjoying the table in the dining room and not ready to take it down.

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Charisse and Damion hosted Mother’s Day and they’re also having the family over for the fourth. Oh yeah, I can get used to this! In my previous post I spoke of not going all out unless the kids are home. Baby girl is giving us a chance to rest. My girls are naturals when it comes to entertaining and baking. I wonder where they got that from.

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All jokes aside even though the big shindig won’t be at our house I’ll still have my hands in a few things. Of course I’ll bring a dessert. Let me rephrase that; I’m bringing three desserts. The cool part is I’m leaving them at her house. Ha!!!!

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The table in kitchen was laid with this checkered fabric from the thrift store. Perfect for the holiday and if I can find a picnic basket reasonably priced I want to set up a table outside. My kitchen table is smaller and square-ish so it doesn’t take much to fill it up thankfully.

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This stack begins with the red ruffled chargers from Big Lots, dollar store white plates, and these cutie patootie red melamine plates with the star in the center. I just found these a few days ago at the thrift store of course for 49¢, booyah!!!

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I used red napkins and my flatware with the basket weave design. Very befitting for the holiday don’t you think? If memory serves me correct (and it’s questionable these days) the tumblers are a dollar store purchase.

july 4th kitchen 2

At each setting I’ve placed a nut cup filled with tropical trail mix which I will probably eat when I take this table apart. Keeping it real folks.

july 4th kitchen 6

I could have sworn I had four of these flag glasses! There goes that memory thing again. More than likely I did and broke two of them. My best option was to use them to hold these mini flags and some theme appropriate straws. Also on the center of the table are these paper lanterns that actually light up plus red and blue tea lights. Tah-da!!!

july 4th kitchen 5

That’s it for July 4th tables my friends. It’s hotter than a biscuit here and I’m about to pop the top on an icy cold Stella Artois and sit on the deck with a few design and cookbooks. I’ll holler at you later!!!

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26 thoughts on “July 4th in the Kitchen

    1. Sandra Post author

      Hi Liz! Those lanterns were in the clearance bin at Target. They even have little lights at the bottom. Except for the myriad of desserts I’m making, we’re all set. Hope you are too and have a good one!

  1. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    I’ll miss the July 4th celebration this year, but I enjoy your festive table for this special holiday! You know how to find good stuff at good price! It’ll be my dream to shop at thrift stores with you! 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Hello Doreen, thank you for the visit and the kind words. I’ve not been a huge fan of checks until now. Looking for more ways to use this cloth. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Alycia Nichols

    Yeah, I wonder where your girls got that from?? Not a clue! 😉

    EXCELLENT thrift store find on the plates! They really are fun! And they’re square, which I really like!

    Stay cool, calm and collected with those Stellas! It’s going to be another hot one here today, too, and I’m just going to slow my roll and try to get through it!

    1. Sandra Post author

      I really like square plates also and I’m always on the hunt for more. Square bowls maybe? Keep as cool and calm as I can, have a great holiday!

  3. Nellie

    Great looking 4th of July table, or Memorial day or Labor Day……………
    I go with very simple during the summer moths too, usually do a nice
    table, but with Paper goods……….our summers have always been
    simple and laid back, so this is that time of year, plenty of time to
    get the good dishes out during the Holidays and Birthday and such.
    Hope you have a lovely 4th and thanks for sharing your fun table.
    Very cute and very colorful and Patriotic
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Sandra Post author

      Hi Nellie! I am sometimes torn between paper and the real thing. If we’re having the whole family over I’ll use paper and plastic. For years it was just the opposite. I’d pull out all the real stuff. Nowadays I keep it light and simple when the whole gang is here. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. Chloe Crabtree

    I loved this post…that you are going to eat the tropical mix in the nut cups when you take the table apart gave me a great laugh! Or that if it was any more casual you would be laying across the table. Very fun to read!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Thanks Bev! I haven’t had a chance to go out after the holiday and look for bargains. Hope they’re not all gone by now.


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