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Belt It Out

We had an awesome Father’s Day! I say we because I get a big kick from making the day extra special for the Mr. After all, I’m the reason he’s a dad, right? This isn’t the original idea I had in mind but no worries it will keep until later in the year. Using belt buckles as napkins rings was an idea that caught my eye during one of my internet travels. I was just waiting for the opportunity to use them and this was it.

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A couple of weeks ago I bought four belts and a jar of buckles from the thrift store. The cost was under $5.00, love me some bargains! For this table I was also determined to not spend anymore than that and to dig into what I have on hand. We were six for dinner so I had to do a bit of mix and matching with the napkins

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The plaid napkins were part of a set with the blue ribbed placemats that came from Burlington’s. The other two are kitchen towels and luckily the color pattern was a good fit. I can’t remember the manufacturer or the pattern name of the flatware. What I do remember is that they came from Big Lots. Man I love that store!!!

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The salad and dinner plates are Elements Marine from Noritake and they were quite a bargain as well. One of these days I’m going to bone up on what stemware should be used for what beverage. For now if it’s not chipped or cracked, it works. Especially when the goblets here were only fifty cents each.

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Did you get a good look at this cake? Sweet Mother of Pearl it was soooo good! It’s now my new favorite chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. I’ll be sharing the recipe real soon. Love this silver stand it sits on. Honestly I don’t know why it isn’t used more often.

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It was so thoughtful of our oldest daughter Samara to send me this beaded cake server and matching dessert forks. She knows what her mommy likes! Just as pretty are the other ones I sat out with them. The finishing touch for this Dad’s Day table was a few blue silk blooms placed on either side of the cake.

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The recipe for the chocolate cake and a few other goodies from the day will be on Sweet Sensations in a day or two. That’s all for this one friends, thanks for taking the time to check it out.

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10 thoughts on “Belt It Out

    1. Sandra Post author

      Thank you Liz! I’m doing my best to use what’s on hand. Not that I don’t enjoy shopping, it’s just getting a wee bit crowded in ye old hoarders bin!

  1. Alycia Nichols

    That is such a great idea to use those belt buckles! Why in the world haven’t I ever thought of that??? Probably because I have a lazy mind, but that’s a whole other story!

    I have those same “wrinkled” stems! We use them as juice glasses, but I’m sure they were probably meant to be something else. I don’t really care what’s “supposed to be” for what. I just use whatever’s pretty! Our “every day” glasses are Cristal d’Arques Longchamps highball glasses!!! They’re pretty, they are substantial, and I was able to buy them at a good price, so they work for every day!

    Samara did a very good thing. She deserves a pat on the back, a high five, a hug, and an extra scoop of ice cream! And what a beautifully iced cake! I can never get mine looking that pretty!

    Well done, m’dear! Well done! I hope the Mr. enjoyed it all. But OF COURSE he did!!! 🙂

    1. Sandra Post author

      The Mr and our future son-in-law enjoyed it. Good to see that we share the same whatever fits in the glass philosophy! Of course there are times when we are encouraged to play by the rules. However, in the meantime it’s fun to bend those babies isn’t it?!


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