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Havana Daze Cabana Nights

The weather around here has been rather steamy and I love it! When the humidity is up I’m reminded of warmer climates. Specifically tropical ones. We’ve had the pleasure of visiting several tropical islands and they were beautiful. Not only did we enjoy the scenery and the food (of course) but the whole laid back vibe was one I could really get used to.

When we were in St. Croix the Mr even said he’d like to live there six months out of the year. That was then this is now. Since I don’t see any visits to a tropical locale anytime soon I thought I’d set a table to bring back that loving feeling. Havana here we come.

Other than daydreams of exotic vacations the inspiration for this table came by way of a gift from another tropical location. Last year Samara visited Hawaii and brought a wooden salad bowl set and I’ve yet to use it. It is one of those pieces where I wanted to gather the rest of the components I thought would work with it. Yeah I could have just gone Hawaiian but I decided to take the scenic route once again.

A couple of weeks ago while at a garage sale there was a table with at least 10 vintage cigar boxes on it. I walked past it several times trying to decide whether I was going to buy one. Heck at $5.00 it should have been an instant decision. I had already taken my candleholders up front and made up my mind to just pay for them and go. The lady in front of me had just purchased four cigar boxes and that was my motivation to go ahead and at least get one.

On my other blog Sweet Sensations I’m sharing pictures and recipes of fried pies, a Cubano sandwich, and a Tres Leches Cake I made a few years ago. It finally all came together. Now if I can only get the Mr back to the “I’d like to live in St. Croix for six months out of the year again!”

Special thanks to my son Casey for helping me come up with the title for this post. Havana Nights has been used so many times and I was stumped for a title. He’s the wordsmith of the family and I knew he could do it. I owe you some tacos babe!

There are so many pictures that I wanted to share I decided to put this table to music. I hope you enjoy it!

Wooden Bowls – Gift from my daughter Samara
Vintage Cigar Box – Garage Sale
Rattan Box – Gifted many years ago
Hat – $$ Store
Candle Holders, Bamboo Runners, Glasses – Thrift Store
Flowers – My stash
Brown Napkins – Amazon.com
Dinnerware – Burlington
Wooden Chargers – Home Depot
Flatware – Fingerhut

I’m taking this table to the following parties this week:

Wow Us Wednesday’s

Tablescape Thursday’s

Everyday Home

Inspire Me Tuesday

It’s Overflowing

DIY by Design

Rustic and Refined

10 thoughts on “Havana Daze Cabana Nights

  1. Alycia Nichols

    COOL boxes! And that is very saucy little music goin’ on in the background! I’m really surprised you haven’t used that beautiful salad set to date. It’s gorgeous! The shape of the bowls is very unique.

    You got that hat at a dollar store??!?!!! It looks so authentic…like you snatched it off the head of a guy on the streets of Havana and made a run for it! (On second thought, you wouldn’t be alive to have created this tablescape had you done that!)

    Seeing this table reminds me of “The Godfather II” when Michael was in Cuba!

    1. Sandra Post author

      You know I thought of the same movie. Great minds think alike! After the thrift stores the dollar stores are my next stop. I hope my virtual friends don’t think I’m a cheapskate. I prefer to think of it as being frugal, hee-hee!!!

  2. Christine

    Wonderful tablescape….I love boxes. Any kind, cigar, fruit crates you name it! I wouldn’t have been able to pass them up either….Thanks so much for linking up:-)

    1. Sandra Post author

      I have a real soft spot in my heart for boxes just as you do. Finding room to store them is the challenge now. I fear my family will one day stage an intervention, LOL!!! Thanks for hosting such a fun party!


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