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The inspiration for this table started with these beautiful green dishes from TJ Maxx. Priced at $7.99 for a ser of four it was a no brainer. Granted they sat in my stash for about two months, but in a tablescaper’s bin that’s a very short time.

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The biggest decision I faced with this table is what charger I would use. My first choice was the typical gold round one. I mulled it over for a few days and while mulling I stopped in to Pier 1. This is usually dangerous territory for me. Danger #1 opening a charge account there. Danger #2 applying for a job there.

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As though I had blinders on I made my way to the clearance section. This day it was ripe with bargains. I came away with $82.00 worth of goods for only $22.00. Most times when I’m there I promise to splurge a bit on some really pretty chargers. Today wasn’t that day. However, with the decision about what chargers to pair with the green dishes, these lovely glasses started to taunt me.

minted 19

I did my best not to think of them. The next day I decided I was going back to get the beautiful white glass chargers with raised edges. I swooped in and handed them to the associate while I made the rounds again. The pretty green glasses and I made eye contact once again. Also out of the corner of my eye I spied these faux wood chargers. Decisions, decisions. As tablescaping fate would have it, there were several customers ahead of me in line. This gave me plenty enough time to change my mind 9872 times before common sense got a hold of me. I could buy the green glasses and the chargers for less than the price of the fancy smancy chargers. So I did and I’m thrilled with my decision.

minted 7

To make the green really stand out I used a white tablecloth with a swirl design. The stack begins with my tried and true gold chargers. The white square dinner plates are another TJ Maxx find. Green and white bowls with gold accents (thrift store) sit atop the green glass plates. Since I was using the monogrammed gold toned flatware I decided to use the matching napkin rings. White polyester napkins are tucked inside a green tea towel that is close in color to the plates.

minted 20

Oh these $1.98 green goblets how do I love thee and thanks for not taking no as an answer. They are paired with gold cordials and basic water goblets.

minted 24

minted 22

My “Hey Kool-Aid” pitcher serves as a vase for my centerpiece. I filled it almost halfway with white and clear stones. Then I added white leis to hide the stems of the flowers placed inside. Flanking the pitcher are fan shaped double taper holders from a garage sale. At $3.00 each they were a very good buy. Also on the table are my peacock boxes that hold votives and two small gold votive holders.

minted 6

Now it’s the faux wooden chargers turn to languish in my bin while I decide what to do with them!!!

minted 10

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14 thoughts on “Minted

    1. Sandra Post author

      Thank you Liz. I was in TJ Maxx recently and saw a set in orange. I got out of there as quick as my arthritic knees would let me!!!

  1. Christine

    Wow you really know how to stack the dishes sister! Love it….especially those green depression ones. and I know exactly how you feel about Pier 1….that dangerous territory for me too. At least until we got a HomeGoods Store. If you don’t have one, trust me!!! They’re dishes are half the price and just as…. if not MORE stunning (if thats possible). I still scour Pier 1 for chargers too because they always get the great ones.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Sandra Post author

      We don’t have a Home Goods here but Gordman’s is opening here in July, woo-hoo!! I may be one of those shoppers camped out overnight so I can be the first in line, LOL!! Thanks for the wonderful compliment and have a great week!

  2. My Inner Chick

    S T U N N I N G
    shades of green!

    Sandra, next year we are doing a silent auction for Kay’s Walk. We are having a dessert bar. Can I get LOTS of advice and ideas from YOU?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Alycia Nichols

    You are one cool cat for passing up the pricey chargers! I’ve had to force myself to do that, and it does NOT feel good! You got some great buys, though, and that had to make you feel OK with it! Just $7.99 for those 4 plates??? That’s a whale of a bargain! And the stemware….wow! I haven’t set foot in a Pier 1 in awhile just to avoid being tempted. You are breaking down that resolve, woman!! Stop it!!!!

    1. Sandra Post author

      I’m not stopping until you go there and come away with several bins full of goodies! I’m sure you’ll find room for all of your treasures. If not just send them to me!

  4. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    When I choose colors, green color won’t be my first choice, but looking at your table setting, I’m very surprised to know how much I love this color – and matching with gold? Wow! Love it! I get so much inspiration from you!

  5. Lory Bernstein

    Sandra, This setting is gorgeous! The green is just so delicious!! And I love you mix of shapes with the plates and charger. I laughed at much of what you wrote because I have thought many of the same things, especially the bit about Pier 1 being dangerous territory… 😉


    1. Sandra Post author

      It’s so tempting Lory and I’m trying to be strong. I have the feeling that one of these days they’re going to catch me at a weak moment when the sales are good. #Gottastaystrong!


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