It’s no secret that I love to entertain. Cooking, baking and setting a beautiful table is one of my passions and truth be known sometimes it’s therapy. It’s also no secret that like many other tablescapers are party stylists I have lots of “stuff” in my hoarders bin.

Making use of what I have was part of the story behind the Let Me Call You Sweetheart bridal table and it’s accompanying Dessert Table. Damask is one of my favorite patterns and I just happened to have a black and white damask fabric remnant in my stash. Black and white is timeless and can be paired with most any color to be suitable year round. I used shades of pink for a pop of color and threw in a couple of simple DIY projects for good measure.

sweetheart table 19

Sweetheart Table
Blinged Tray – So often when I’m out thrifting I come across onesy and twosies. There were only two of these silver chargers and with lots of bling and glue they’re not serving trays. Surprisingly each tray took less than an hour to complete. I used a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby to buy a large container of rhinestones and separated them according to size. Using only the large ones I glued them around the rim of the charger. Instant elegance!

sweetheart table 27

Glitter Vases
In the past I’ve thrown out my prefilled candle holders once the candle burned out. Not anymore! They make pretty nifty mini vases once you give them a quick makeover. I gave these holders a good coating of Modge Podge and then sprinkled gliiter inside. If you’re unfamiliar with Hodge Podge it’s a crafting glue that dries clear and is also used as a sealant. After the first coating and sprinkling I let it dry and then went over it again. A Styrofoam ball went into the top and was then decorated with flower heads and leaves. Most of the flowers and foliage was just stuck into the ball and some had to be hot glued. Either way this project was super easy and very cute.

sweetheart table 3

Chair Charms
From the files of waste not want not come these chair charms. My daughter left a box of trinkets behind when she moved to Dallas years ago. That’s where I found these drop earrings. I didn’t plan on wearing them and she gave them up a long time ago. A little sparkle on the back of a chair is a good thing!

Dessert Table DIY

blk white damask desserts 9

Pink Cake Stand – Give me a can of spray paint and I’m a happy camper. I’ve had this antiquated cake stand since I began cake decorating over two decades ago. It was dreary looking and faded until I painted it this beautiful shade of pink.

blk white damask desserts 11

Faux Cake Riser
Years ago I had a faux wedding cake display at a local florist shop. Not one to throw things away (hence the hoarder moniker) I decided to repurpose one of them to use as a riser for desserts, vases etc. Using a piece of black fabric I draped it over the Styrofoam round and pinned it into place. By pinning it swapping out the fabric will be a breeze. Around the middle I pinned decorative ribbon and place a clip on paper hair bow at the center. Voila, instant riser! Depending on how fancy you’re feeling this could easily be a stand alone centerpiece.

This post has been in the hopper for a bit, forgive me for it’s delay. Which brings me to another point dear friends. Are you more inspired by the time of year and holidays to create whether projects or food? Or do you just run on inspiration and what feels right at the time, inquiring minds want to know? Well at least I do.

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10 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Alycia Nichols

    Well, Ms. Inquiring Mind, I tend to run on pure inspiration. I may buy something that I absolutely love, but until I have the inspiration to actually use it, it stays stored away. It’s usually something completely different from the beautiful piece itself that is the inspiration. Weird, but true. The holidays, of course, produce a treasure trove of inspiration, but even then I have to work from something unique or wild or introspective to get the tablescape going in forward motion.

    I wish I had your patience for the DIY. I’m such a lazy bum. I’m from the School of Waste-Not-Want-Not, too, and you created some really nifty things here! I really like what you did with the old box of earrings! I have a TON of drop earrings that came with necklaces purchased at Charming Charlie that I will NEVER wear. I just found a fun new use for them. Thank you!!!

    Pink cake stand. Uh huh, uh huh! I like it!!! If I can just get the ol’ body into gear to pull out the spray paint, maybe I can transform a thing or two around here, too! You do such a good job! Again…it’s all about the patience.

    1. Sandra Post author

      I have come away from thrift and craft stores with tons of inspiration. Lots of it is still hiding in the recesses of my hoarders bin!


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