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Joyful Noise

Well it’s been a while since I’ve made a video so what better time than now. The inspiration for this table also started with napkins I found on clearance. There were two color patterns and I let Gabrielle choose. Sweet baby chose the one that I really wanted.

On the morning that I put this together I took a quick trick to one of my favorite thrift haunts to look for glasses. They must have seen me coming and put these glasses out just for me. I bought six of each and at .39 I was super happy!

The most obvious difference with this table and the others I’ve done is the pillows I placed on the chairs. Thank you Alycia for planting that idea! By midweek I plan on swapping out a few items to bring in some Easter décor. The pillows will be gone for sure. They’re on their way to the family room to hang out with some new colors. Hope you like it and please subscribe to my Youtube channel. I’m off to make cookie dough!!

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18 thoughts on “Joyful Noise

  1. Alycia Nichols

    Super light and airy!!! What a pretty table for Spring or Summer! I love the way you have the napkin displayed. The music truly IS joyful and expresses in notes what the pictures look like!

    Yep, those pillows! They really help bring a little color and drama along with comfort to the chairs! Love the color of these you used!!!

  2. Patricia

    Beautiful table, I love your colorscape, it’s very soothing and has a easy living flow to it. I love the pillows. Maybe they could hang out at my place for awhile . Lol


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