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Mardi Gras Lite

Boy if I didn’t see-saw back and forth about doing this Mardi Gras themed table. It’s the first one for me and I didn’t want to go out and buy specific themed items. Deep into the hoarders bin I went. Come to find out I had more color appropriate items than I thought. The one thing I knew for sure is that I was going lite on the decorations.

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The gold leaf print tablecloth is by Martha Stewart and is a thrift store find. Along with the beautiful African/Indian treasure Rupal and her family has given us, they also have supplied Gabbi with lots of Indian attire. From her stash I grabbed this gorgeous green scarf that makes a lovely table runner. Don’t think she hasn’t noticed either!

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Lilac chargers from Michaels with a green tea towel overlay begin the stack. They are followed by the green crackled plates I used here and they’re topped with gold dessert plates from Pier 1. My trusty dusty gold toned flatware was a no brainer. As were the green goblets from a long ago thrift store run, plus the purple on the rocks glasses and gold cordial ones.

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We’ve all been surprised from time to time at the things we find in our stash that we’ve forgotten about. Right Alycia – ahem! Such is the case with the purple textured bowls. I don’t remember where or when I got them. Each one sits inside a green textured bowl. These are generally on the console table in the living room.

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For the centerpiece I used one of my larger apothecary jars that usually hold candy or cookies. I didn’t have enough stones or moss on hand to fill it completely so I placed a glass inside to take up some room. The stones are placed on the outside of the glass and then the moss on top. Luckily I did have flowers to use and I am in love with their color.

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Some years back Samara went to New Orleans and brought us this mask and I think she gave us the three smaller ones also. Seems I had plenty enough to work this theme after all. Now I’m going back and forth about whether to go lite or all out for Fat Tuesday. If by some chance my doctor is reading this, I’ll say no (with fingers crossed behind my back). Just kidding!!!

8 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Lite

  1. Anne@FromMySweetHeart

    Oh so pretty, Sandra. Madi Gras colors are always so festive and cheery. I love, love, love those textured bowls! And the masks are a perfect touch! I have to get my stuff organized. I know when I do, I’ll come across items I forgot I had, too! Lovely table setting, as always!

  2. Alycia Nichols

    Surprised I am indeed!!!! See…it’s a common thing to lose both our proverbial marbles and all the other play things we enjoy so much! 🙂

    The textured bowls are unbelievably gorgeous!!! I’m so into texture, and the purple and gold bowls are just wonderful! Everything on the table works really well. No need to go to the depths of the earth…you had everything you needed right there! You did the purple, green & gold the justice it deserves!

    If your doctor should read this, don’t worry…we’ll all vouch for you! 🙂 I think Fat Tuesday should be enjoyed to the fullest!!!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Fullest was the operative word for Fat Tuesday. It was the first time I ever had a Packi, where have they been all my life??


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