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Play it Again Sam

It snowed again today, big surprise huh! I have lost count of how many pounds of rock salt we have been through this season. This is going to be a very lazy weekend and our menu will probably soup and the pancakes I made and stashed in the freezer. I’m not planning on any yummy spread for the big game tomorrow but I would like to share with you the spread from a couple of years ago. Thanks for checking it out again and hope your favorite team wins!

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We are really not football fans, but we sure do appreciate a celebration. Our game day menu was Teriyaki Onion Burger Sliders, Bratwurst Bacon Bites, Southwestern Taco Dip with Blue Corn Tortillas, Pizza Dip with French Bread, New England and Manhattan Clam Chowders, Chili Lime Chicken Tacos, and Vanilla Mini Bundt Cakes. Not too bad for last minute eh?

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Dessert tables by far are easier to pull together. Most desserts can be made way ahead of time with and what a time saver that is. Hat’s off to all of you awesome savory cooks/bloggers. Taking pictures of hot savory dishes is a challenge. My kitchen was a mess, but I still had fun and would do it all again tomorrow.

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I used a green tablecloth because buying astro turf was out of the question. I laid out white ribbon to mimic the stripes on the field and covered a styrofoam base with black plastic. SuperBowl printables from Living Locurto set off the theme perfectly. Thank you again Amy! When the colors in the printables are very deep and vivid I take them to Office Max and have them printed out on cardstock. They only charge .66 a sheet and it saves my ink, more bang for your buck for sure.

superbowl bread sliders

On the back riser I placed the Southwestern Taco Dip and the Blue Corn Tortillas. If you’ve never Blue Corn Tortillas please give them a shot. Don’t’ be turned off by the color, they’re great.

chip and dip

At each end of the riser sitting on the table was the team beverage. Sprite for the Pats and Coke for the Giants. I served the chowders in heavy duty paper cups with team printables attached.

chowders and pop

For this go round my indispensable white trays served up slices of Italian Bread and Bratwurst Bites wrapped in Bacon. The Italian Bread was used as a dipper for the Pizza dip. I found the recipe on the Brown Eyed Bakers site.

superbowl 5

I ran across recipe for Tequila Lime Chicken Tacos at the last minute and didn’t have tequila. Vodka worked just fine.

superbowl 16

For some reason I wanted to include sliders. I think it’s because I just love those little buns. Later on I’ll share the recipe. The square white platters that the tacos and sliders were served on came from TJ Maxx at the unheard of price of $5.99 for both of them.

superbowl bread sliders

I had a special order for vanilla cupcakes and had leftover batter. The leftover batter was used for my mini bundts. I added some chocolate chunks to it and drizzle some with vanilla glaze. For the others I spooned on some chocolate ganache. We dined sufficiently and were very satisfied.

superbowl cake2

10 thoughts on “Play it Again Sam

  1. Alycia Nichols

    This was done last minute??!! Girl…… rocked it! I don’t remember ever seeing this one, so I’m glad you brought it back. I love the idea of the green tablecloth with the white ribbon striping. Very clever, and actually looks better than astro turf would have! You also did a wonderful job of staging the food. You’re right…staging hot food is a booger! That’s why I don’t include it very often in any of my party posts. It’s just too hard to get it done when you’re trying to serve the food hot to your guests. And let’s face it, some food just wilt within minutes!

    I’ve never used printables. These look great! Good idea to take them somewhere to be printed, too. You could use up a TON of ink on ’em if you’re not careful.

    I watched yesterday’s game as best I could with all the chit chat going on around me. I like to actually WATCH the game, but that’s hard with so many people around. Maybe next year we’ll opt to stay home. I don’t want to discuss Charming Charlie’s or dishes or makeup tips with the disinterested ladies while the game is on. Just keepin’ it real. I want to be left alone like the guys! 🙂

    Stay warm!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Printables are great and there are so many free downloads out there. Printer ink is way too expensive to print these out at home. I would probably annoy you to no end at a superbowl watch party. I’d want to talk about tables and you’d be giving me the side eye!! 🙂

    1. Sandra Post author

      Unless it’s track and field or boxing we seldom pay attention to sports. However, I love to use sports as a reason to lay out a spread!


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