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Ice Ice Baby

Sometimes ideas can be shrugged off and sometimes they can’t. This table had to come to being. It’s been on my radar for a long time and I even shared my inspiration board for it. Typically I’m all about the traditional Christmas color palette of red and green with a little white, and gold thrown in. Nowadays I’m ready and more than willing to break out of my mold and try different things.

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It’s no secret that I am a fan of bling and all things sparkly and boy oh boy does is this table full of shimmer and shine. I honestly don’t remember which came first, the idea to use this color, or this reindeer. During one of my weekly outings I was at Big Lots and was magically drawn to the Christmas decorations. I wove in and out of the aisles with nothing striking my fancy until I spotted the reindeer. At $4.00 for a 5 pk I couldn’t leave them. It was also a challenge not to buy everything in this shade, but I resisted.

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My plan was to dive into my stash at home to see what I had on hand to work with. I knew silver and white pieces were a given so I went to work gathering those. Still there wasn’t enough blue. I made a run to Family Dollar for light bulbs and at the front of the store were ornaments in my shade of blue, Bingo!! Now I was ready to put my table together.

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The white and silver tablecloth came from a new discount store called Ollie’s. It was only $10.99 and I have to admit the quality isn’t the best. The silver chargers have been used many many times as have the white dinner plates and the matching cups and saucers. The salad plates are from a broken set I found at TJ Maxx. My faux Mother of Pearl flatware doesn’t come out often, something I’ll have to remedy in the future.

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At fifty cents each the tumblers, goblets, and napkins were a steal from the thrift store. I’ve had the flutes for so long I don’t remember where they came from.

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Let’s talk about this centerpiece. Taking a floral class is still a part of my plans, but in the meantime I’ll be as creative as I can to make something pretty. I love, love, love this! The large round bowl is actually a floral container as is the smaller one it sits on. The candle in the center goes well with the flatware and it also came from TJ Maxx. Filled with ornaments, I couldn’t think of anything better to use as my centerpiece. My blinged out candle holders were on clearance from Hobby Lobby right before Valentines Day this year.

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I used crystal tea light holders as a stand for the glittery star ornaments. White Snowflakes served as a foundation for the small pillar holders. The white pillars were embellished with earrings and el-cheapo cz-like earrings. I am such a big spender!!

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This table came together just as I planned and I am pleased as punch with it. The only sad thing is that it won’t be up for too long because there’s another one I’m excited to do. Although I could set up another tablescape in the kitchen, the dining room table will work the best. I’ll even have to add a leaf to it. Have I piqued your curiosity?

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26 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby

  1. Judy

    Love your tablescape. I want to do a blue and white table as well this season. I started it yesterday, but you just confirmed for me that I want to go in that direction. I would love for you to come and link this up to my Fall into Fall party going on right now. Hope to see you there.

    1. Sandra Post author

      Thank you so much Judy! I will surely link up and I appreciate you stopping by. This shade of blue is becoming my favorite color, hope I don’t wear it out!

  2. Liz

    Beautiful table…like I said before, it reminds me of a winter wonderland! I can only imagine the size of your prop/tablescape storage area! This blue and silver theme is definitely a keeper.

  3. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    I always enjoy your table setting! It’s fun to see what items are coming from your storage – whether they are new from the store or ones from your basement… I love how you create beautiful table setting with what you have! Eventually you should create a catalog with different themes and color themes in your index. I think that will be really helpful! 🙂

    1. Sandra Post author

      You’re reading my mind. I’m planning on getting started with an index once all the holiday fanfare is over. Great minds think alike huh!!

  4. Pam

    I love your ICE ICE Baby name! The color blue is a favorite of mine and the reindeer are lovely! Your centerpiece with the blue balls adds so much more pretty blue. Thanks for sharing and my post has blue, too!


    1. Sandra Post author

      Hey there Pam! I’m so happy you stopped by for a visit and I think you did an excellent job on the challenge. The transferware is gorgeous and I need to start adding some to my collection. Happy Holidays!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Once I had this shade of blue stuck in my head there was no way this table wasn’t going to happen. It evoked the feeling that I intended. I still love the red and green combo but there are so many others that strike my fancy. Thanks for you support!

  5. Alycia Nichols

    I think you showed just the right amount of restraint with the color! Even though it’s gorgeous, it can get lost if there’s no balance…so you did it up just right!!! I think that’s a great lesson for your readers: you don’t have to overdo to make a statement!!!

    Family Dollar, huh? I’ve seen a few of those around but have never been in one. I’ll have to check it out.

    This is a gorgeous table, Sandra! It reminds me so much of the decorator vignettes I’ve seen in the nicer stores this season. You did a great job!!!!!!!

    1. Sandra Post author

      Family Dollar will be your new best friend! In cake decorating it’s a challenge not to develop “over-decoritis”, applying every technique you know. When putting a table together it’s the same challenge different name. I did my best not to have a case of “over-tablescaperitis” with this one. Thanks for the vote of confidence it means a lot.


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