Decorate Your Chandy!

Chandeliers have come a long way over the years. Once only owned by the wealthy now available to everyone. Once only comprised of a cazillion crystal facets that had to be taken down and cleaned one by one, now the designs are endless. Have you ever considered decorating your chandy for the holidays? I’ve considered it for several years but keep chickening out at the last minute. Just in case you’re thinking of decking out your lovely light I’ve gathered a few ideas to give you some inspiration. Pull out those step stools and let’s get busy!

I can’t if the fruit is real in this one or not. When I saw it the first word that came to mind was opulent. I can only imagine the work that went into this. I would want to leave it up way past the holidays. Just to look at it a little longer and to put off taking all of this down.

This one is really fun and would be so cute over a kids table.

The ribbons and beading make this one really stand out.

There is some serious creativity happening with this one. Not only is the chandelier decked out the bird and the cage is as well.

Am I the only one with a couple of onesie-twosie ornaments languishing in the bottom of the plastic bin? Here is a terrific way to use them. Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!

I think this is so delicate and feminine. If anyone was planning a baby shower during the holidays this would be perfect.

Hands down this is the most creative one I have seen. I love those gigantic pink crystals!

Even if decorating a chandelier isn’t on your to-do or want list this season I hope these have inspired you to go through your storage bins and see what you can use in a different way this year. One more thing, If you have a Big Lots in your area make your way over there. They have a ton of holiday decor that is really inexpensive.

8 thoughts on “Decorate Your Chandy!

  1. Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

    You’ve definitely inspired me! I’m so glad you did this post, I have a very simple black fixture in my dinette that I could definitely do something with, like the first picture maybe. Or I got a bunch of vintage ornaments at the thrift store last year, might hang some of them from it. Thank you! And thanks for visiting me, too. Take care – Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com http://www.wecallitjunkin.com

    1. Sandra Post author

      I told myself that I wasn’t going thrifting this weekend but now I’m remembering all the ornaments I seen the last time I was there. When you update your fixture I would love to see it. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ramona

    Fun! Fun! Fun!! I love this idea. What a gorgeous way to decorate for any time of year. 🙂 Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Nami | Just One Cookbook

    Wow, people are very creative. Mine looks so boring after seeing it. Well ours is very simple kind, like pottery barn look, and I can see someone (like you) can make it into beautiful thing… but me? Dangerous…. I hope to learn a lot from your blog and get inspiration. We all need to practice and learn right? Your new blog is awesome!


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