outside the box collage

Outside the Box

outside the box collage

By now you know (partly because I’ve confessed) that I have a thing for cake stands, risers and must about anything else I can use to elevate my desserts. On occasion I’ve used boxes covered with wrapping paper as risers. This is a super economical (cheap) way to liven up a dessert table or a simple bundt cake. If you really want to go all Martha and Amy Atlas, cover a box with fabric. The possibilities here are just as endless and the fancy smancy options are outrageous.

I should be ashamed to admit this, but I save just about every box that comes into my house. They’re stashed in closets, the garage, and under beds. My family now asks if I’m saving a box before they trash it. I’ve trained them well. When I go thrifting I also keep an eye out for fabric remnants, scarves and even curtains that can be cut up and used. Also, don’t overlook shirts with fancy buttons that can be used as decorative trim also. Told you there were lots of options. You can throw money if you like!

gold angled

Be sure all open sides and or ends of the box are completely sealed before you attach the paper or material. This can be done with tape or glue. Wrapping paper can be less expensive but it also wrinkles and creases easily. For this gold wrapped box the ribbons were attached with glue dots and the gold button with hot glue.

green box 2

I decide to use straight pins on the bottom of this green ones along with pearl head pins on the top and sides. This way the same fabric can be reused with out any sticky residue. Pretty clever, eh?

The greatest advantage of fabric vs. paper is of course you can reuse the fabric. A paper covered box used as a food riser is a goner if food is spilled on it. Fabric can be washed and pretreated for a stain if necessary. Fabric or paper covered boxes can also be used as risers for candles and floral arrangements. Just think of all the seasonal decorating you can do.

cherry angled

Even a covered box without additional trim will do. Next time you’re in Michael’s or Joann’s check out their remnant section. Sometimes you can get a piece big enough to cover several boxes. While we’re on the subject of fabric pieces; do a little bit of thrifting in your closet. There may be a shirt, scarf or dress that you haven’t worn in years waiting to be of service on your dining table. Don’t tell my family but I’ve dissected an old leather coat of mine. Can’t wait to show you what I’ve done with it. How’s that for thinking outside the box?

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